Our most recent home decor styling session in Cohasset, MA was a fun one! Our client had just recently finished custom built-ins in their living room, and were completely revamping the space altogether with new furniture, window treatments, rugs, etc. When they told us they were looking to tone down some of the patterns and colors from their previous pieces and incorporate more neutrals, natural textures and a touch of blue - you know we were hooked! Our primary focus was adding the right pieces to their built ins - but we also refreshed their coffee table, entryway console and kitchen with new trays, florals, frames and more. Let's start with the built-ins!

How Do I Style My Custom Built-Ins?

If you've asked yourself that question, just know you're not alone. Sometimes the hardest part of designing or decorating a space is picking out the right finishing touches. That's where we come in! Here's how we selected the right decorative items for these built-in shelves.

1. Start with a neutral color palette

As mentioned, our client was excited to keep things soft, clean and neutral when it came to colors. We love this because it really allows for easy mixing and matching and you can focus on textures, versus colors. We brought in frames, bowls, books, trays, fillers, candles, etc in a variety of whites, creams, ivory and just a touch of a coastal blue.

Built-In Shelves Cohasset, MA

2. Mix Old & New

One of the most important things when styling your bookshelves is to avoid having everything be brand new. Adding in a vintage vase or bowl or a special picture frame gives your space a lived in feel without it seeming like you picked everything out of the same catalogue.  This also means bringing in personal photos or artwork so the space really is a reflection of you and your family.

Built-in shelves cohasset, ma

3. Add some life with greenery and florals

Believe me, keeping a plant alive is the last thing I want to think of when it comes to decorating. But - just because we say 'add some life' - doesn't mean we actually mean you need a live plant - we're all for a good fake! One of the services we offer when styling is customizing plants & florals specifically for the space. So, what you won't see, is a pre-potted, plastic plant on one of your shelves. Instead you'll see a beautiful vase or planter with a customized piece  inside.  

custom greenery shelves

4. Scale, scale, scale

This one's a tough one - but we really feel strongly about having the right size pieces (wherever your styling) - which can be tough! You can have the best collection of frames, candles, vases and other decor items but if they're all the SAME size or they're not the RIGHT size, it will look off! Don't be afraid to pull in larger pieces or even smaller pieces to make sure the fit's just right.

scale and size

5. It's all about the texture.. baby.

You'll hear the word TEXTURE used a lot in design - and here at T&S - but we can't say it enough. If you're sticking to neutrals, you need to incorporate different textures so things become interesting and you're not left with a flat space. Can there be too much texture? Hell yes. It's all about balance and trying different options. Don't be afraid to mix textures and tones, too. This means different shades of wicker or seagrass are OK - if everything matches exactly, it will look a little.. well.. boring!

texture styling

With the above tips & tricks, we know you can style your shelves or built-ins! Don't be afraid to try different options and arrangements, sometimes it's all about the trial and error. Ready to book a styling session with us? Shoot us an email at stephanie@thacherandspring.com to get started!