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Home Decor Refresh & Styling Sessions
Sometimes it's those last finishing touches that can be the hardest when you're designing a room. From what pieces to put where, to how much decor do I *actually* need - we can help answer those questions and finish off your space with our in-home styling service. 
Whether you're looking to just give your space a facelift or you literally need *all the things* - our process is seamless and easy. We start with a quick convo (all good relationships do, right??) and from there we'll schedule a walkthrough. After we've aligned, we'll schedule a day(s) for the install. We'll take care of all the decor and final touches, and let you know when it's ready! We do a final walkthrough and all approved items are invoiced for along with our time and you're ready to go! 
What does a decor refresh or styling service look like? Well, we are definitely flexible - but just to be *extra* clear - we aren't interior designers! This would mean anything from large pieces of furniture to curtains and drapery to fabric selection to wall art - we don't offer these in our services. If you're looking for an interior designer, we have lots of fabulous people we can recommend so don't hesitate to reach out and we would love to connect both parties!
Ready to get started? So are we. Send us an email to stephanie@thacherandspring.com and let's chat!

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