About T&S


After graduating college I moved into my first apartment on Thacher Street in the North End in Boston, MA. It was in that space that I created my first 'home' as an adult. I loved entertaining, having sleepovers with my girlfriends and just hanging out in my cozy, studio apartment. The space was bright, it was welcoming, and it was me. It is where I developed my love for decor and making a space a home. It's where I cultivated my entrepreneurial spirit, my work ethic and my style - knowing that one day I wanted to turn those things into my career.


Fast forward 12 years, my husband and I bought our first home on Spring Street. The excitement of creating a space that was ours was so overwhelming that I would spend hours upon hours researching different styles, furniture, decor, and design ideas online. I knew I wanted our space to be similar to my first apartment - inviting and comfortable, really bright and refreshing, and with our New England roots, what I call a clean, coastal vibe.

Thacher & Spring

With a never-ending entrepreneurial spirit and years of brand marketing experience, I decided to take my love for home decor and retail to the next level and open Thacher & Spring. It is my hope that when you walk through our doors (or visit our website), that you feel welcomed, inspired and happy.

Thank you for supporting our small business - we look forward to welcoming you into our T&S family!

With love,



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